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season two

mike the mime is intended for immature audiences


october 11, 2019


the monument or jesus lays hands

social justice warriors attempt to remove a confederate monument from the park, and jesus lends a hand at the local trauma center.


january 5, 2020


space trek - the death dome

adventures abound upon the starship enterpulse as marvel khan kidnaps the zoltan royal family, and captain mike must face the gorn in a battle to the death in the death dome!

june 9, 2020


mike gets a smoothie or trixie's sister returns

mike has a difficult time at the new smoothie world. big john is excited as trixie has a "coming home" party for her identical twin sister. 

october 14, 2020


buddy roy goes to fetish anonymous

denise gives buddy roy the ultimate ultimatum, and mike gives his support as buddy roy finds himself at a Fetish Anonymous meeting.

may 30,2022


the bates motel

lost on a Georgia backroad on a stormy night, mike, trixie, and big john find themselves seeking refuge at the bates motel.  this can't be good...

coming one of these days!


doc does a porno

doc thinks he has found an interesting way to improve his love life and to pick up a little extra cash.  but some things in life are just too good to be true.

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