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season one

september 15, 2018


stand your ground or

funeral for a friend?

mike takes on the K.A.B. and finds himself in hot water with the district attorney. doc's wife passes away, and mike and trixie attend the funeral.

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october 15, 2018


mike finds jesus or

doc starts dating

mike finds himself at odds with the brotherhood of mimes and in the process finds jesus. . . literally. doc gets back into circulation with the ladies.


october 30, 2018


mike gets busted or

have ghost, will travel

someone slips mike a hallucinogen. jesus puts nature back in order. special feature: mike, trixie, and buddy roy search for evil spirits in the infamous archibald leach house!

mike the mime is intended for immature audiences

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Apple Music


december 24, 2018


mike goes to court

mike must face the music for his actions against the K.A.B. as joan baldwyn drags him into court and promotes him as her poster boy for her anti-gun campaign. buddy roy puts on a defense that would make ben matlock proud.

january 30, 2019


marvel the mystic is up to no good. mike and trixie take in a play as a local theatre group premieres their production of the silence of the lambs.

marvel the mystic returns or mike and trixie see a play

or wherever you get your podcasts!

trixie's push cat 2.png

april 12, 2019


the rescue

afghanistan in 2003 and the lollipop guild is unleashed upon the taliban. doc and trixie find themselves in the clutches of the evil marvel the mystic. can mike and the lollipop guild save the day?

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